Yakuza: Too “Underground” and Violent For Nintendo Switch

Yakuza: Too “Underground” and Violent For Nintendo Switch

Many Switch players are hoping that the Yakuza series will be out. It continues to soar in popularity in the west. Unfortunately, Masayoshi Yokoyama, head of the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio and executive producer, is unsure if it will work.


Like A Dragon


The huge library of games in the Yakuza series, Like A Dragon, is with mature themes and imagery. There is no doubt that the series should be marketed toward adults. Yakuza 0 was notorious for allowing players to view unlocked videos of real women wearing bikinis.


An “Underground Feeling” 


Yokoyama openly wondered, “Do we want to put a title like this where we’re going around and picking a fight with the world and doing all this Yakuza stuff on a Switch?. He underlined the idea of Yakuza having an “underground feeling” and how the studio wants to use the IP in that way time and time again. Having Yakuza available on Switch would be like “walking around the day with everyone else,” he claimed, adding that his team views the game as something for “people of the night.”


Final thoughts


The justification led to more frustration because many fans disagreed with Yokoyama’s assessment of the Switch. Although family-friendly exclusives make up a sizable portion of Nintendo’s business strategy, the Switch already contains several adult games that are arguably more mature than Yakuza Like A Dragon, such as the Mortal Kombat series, Doom, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 


RGG Studio reveals many new games, including Like a Dragon 8, which will be out in 2024.

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