Days Gone: All Nero Checkpoint Locations

In this guide we want to explain to you where you can find all the NERO Checkpoints that you need for the trophy “Welcome to the party, buddy” in Days Gone.

Welcome to the Party, Pal
Clear all Ambush Camps, Infestations, and NERO Checkpoints in a single region

An overview of Days Gone all trophies can be found here.


NERO Checkpoints Locations Guide

There are a total of 12 NERO checkpoints. You also get Nero Injectors (improves health, stamina and concentration) and the checkpoints are then available to you as fast travel points.

You always have to find a fuel tank and use it on the power generator to open the doors. Sometimes you must also find a fuse, just follow the clues from the fuse box.

You can not miss any of the checkpoints, after you finish the game you can always come back and take care of the checkpoints.

Nero Checkpoint #1: Little Bear Lake – 0:05
Nero Checkpoint #2: Horse Lake – 1:12
Nero Checkpoint #3: Old Pioneer Cemetery – 3:12
Nero Checkpoint #4: Marion Forks Tunnel – 4:20
Nero Checkpoint #5: Iron Butte Pass – 6:36
Nero Checkpoint #6: Old Sawmill – 7:59
Nero Checkpoint #7: Santiam Tunnel – 9:01
Nero Checkpoint #8: Rogue Tunnel – 11:47
Nero Checkpoint #9: Spruce Lake – 13:11
Nero Checkpoint #10: Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway – 14:50
Nero Checkpoint #11: Chemult Community College – 16:04
Nero Checkpoint #12: Pillette Bridge – 18:09

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