Fortnite: Complete Timed Trials – Locations and Solutions

One of the Fortnite Challenges of Week 6 in Season 5 involves completing multiple Timed Trials. In this guide, we explain everything to you, where the individual trials are and how you can solve them.

An overview of all challenges of the 6th week of Season 5 can be found here.

Complete 5 time trials in week 6

At the beginning of the new challenges everyone thought that one had to play a race on the racetrack at Paradise Palms for the time trials. But that is not the case, you have to find the different places and complete a parcour.

There are different places on the map you have to find, below we show you all the sites. At each of these places you will find a blue stopwatch, as soon as you activate it, you start. Now you have to follow the symbols as well as with Mario and keep a certain time to reach the goal.

Video Guide – Timed Trials

Written by: Carizma

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