Fortnite Defeat Predator Location Guide

Fortnite Predator Map

Today, January 20th, the new Predator Boss was unlocked in Fortnite. In this guide we want to show you where the boss is hidden and how you can defeat Predator.

You can find the Predator Boss in Stealthy Stronghold. The boss has a camouflage (Predator) and you can only see outlines of him. Before you go hunting, equip yourself with weapons and shield potions.

When you see the Predator, shoot it once to deactivate its camouflage. Then run to one of the nearby buildings and take cover on the roof. From there you can defeat him more easily.

When you have defeated him, you will receive the Predator’s Cloaking Device.


Fortnite Predator Boss Location

Written by: Carizma

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