Fortnite – Visit Different Snowmando Outposts Locations

Snowmando Outposts Locations Map

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is live – Operation Showdown missions are here! In this guide we want to help you with the following mission:

Visit different Snowmando Outposts – Operation Showdown Week 3.


Find all Snowmando Outposts

To complete this Operation Showdown mission you need to find five Snowmando Outposts. We’ll show you where you can find all outposts. At the outposts you have to see a bigger building (partly buggy!). You have to go to this building so that it counts for the mission! At the outposts you will also find planes with which you can fly to the next locations.

We couldn’t see all locations in solo mode, we switched to trio mode to complete the mission!

  • 1 south of Catty Corner
  • 2 Northeast of Slurpy Swamp
  • 3 South of Holly Hedges
  • 4 to the left of Pleasant Park
  • 5 north of Dirty Docks


Written by: Carizma

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