NIOH 2 Kodama Locations Guide – Twilight Region

There are many collectibles to be found in Nioh 2. To complete the game with 100% and unlock the platinum trophy, you must also find all 150 Kodamas.

In this guide we show you all Kodama locations in the Twilight Region. As in every region, you can find 25 Kodamas. You can’t miss any of these collectibles, if you miss a Kodama location, you can still collect it later.

  • Kodama Leader
    Collected all Kodama.

A general explanation of the Kodama collectibles and an overview of all locations, can be found here.


Nioh 2 – Twilight Region Kodamas Locations

Ruin Draws Near

In this area you can find 7 Kodamas.


The Two Faces of Hospitality

In this area you can find 7 Kodamas.


The High-spirited Demon

In this area you can find 6 Kodamas.


Stray Cats

In this area you can find 5 Kodamas.


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