Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 Ward Prime Puzzle Guide

Remnant MP Ward Puzzle Guide

With the last DLC update Subject 2923, some new content was added to Remnant From the Ashes, as well as the Ward Prime puzzle. In this guide we want to help you with this puzzle!

So the DLC Subject 2923 in Remnant From the Ashes gives you many puzzles and secrets. The chessboard in an office at B1 on Ward Prime is one of the secrets. You can interact with it and find out the computer’s password. The password is used to solve puzzles.

But remember to switch on the power via the fuse. If you don’t turn on the power, you won’t be able to complete the puzzles.


This is how you find and solve the puzzle

After switching on you can interact with the puzzle. At this point you can see the picture above and this picture is a hint for you to find out the password of the computer. You will have to look at the letters and the chess board to identify the password.

Decrypted password: 241351


Submachine gun

If you have entered the correct password, you will see an option to unlock the storage space. Then go to the storage room in the right corner of the office. You can find a submachine gun in the locker in the storage room.

You may already have the submachine gun from the base game, but this one is a deadlier version.


How to Unlock the MACHINE PISTOL – Video Guide


Have you already found all the recordings? Here we show you the 4 locations for the Other Voices trophy.

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