Resident Evil 2 Remake: Statue Puzzle Solutions – Medallions

Resident Eivl 2 Remake has many puzzles to solve. These include the riddles with the statues, in this guide we show you all the solutions to the statues.

If you need more solutions to the game look at our Resident Evil 2 100% walkthrough.


All Medallions – Statue puzzle solutions

You must collect three medallions and then insert them in the goddess statue. This is part of the story and can not be missed, you will not only gain access to the lower level, you will also unlock the following achievement / trophy:

Path to the Goddess
Solve the Goddess Statue puzzle.


Lion Statue, Main Hall 2F

Riddle Solution A: Lion, Twig, Eagle
Riddle Solution B: Crown, Flame, Flying Bird

resi 2 lion puzzle

Unicorn Statue, Lounge 2F

Riddle Solution A: Fish, Scorpion, Aquarius
Riddle Solution B: Twins, Scale, Worm

Resident Evil 2 Unicorn Riddle

Maiden Statue, West Storage Room 3F

Riddle Solution A: Woman, Bow, Snake
Riddle Solution B: Ram, Harp, Bird


If you have all three medallions you have to go to the main hall and goddess statue. Put the medallions there and the access to the bottom is free.


Video Guide – All Steps and the Goddess Statue

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