Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough & Wiki

Resident Evil 2 Walkthrough

We welcome you to our Resident Evil 2 100% walkthrough!

We accompany you on the way through Racoon City, with Claire and Leon. We show you all ways, all possibilities to complete the game. You will learn all about the collectibles, safes, weapons and where to find them.

Note: The game will officially be released on January 25, our game guides will be added soon!


Trophies & Achievements
We have a 100% Platinum Trophy Guide for you, grab the Platinum Trophy!


There are some collectibles in Resident Evil 2, we show you all the locations.


All Puzzle Solutions
In the game there are some puzzles to solve. Partially related to the story and sometimes also optional. We have all the puzzle solutions and safe codes for you.


General guides, solutions and locations
In addition to the collectibles and herbs, there are other items and hints that you can find in the game.


Resident Evil 2 Remake – Video Walkthrough with Leon

From here we have a simple walkthrough video for you, the campaign with Leon, from start to finish.


RESI 2 Remake – Part 1


RESI 2 Remake – Part 2


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