Steelrising: Dancer Class Guide

Steelrising Dancer Class

Steelrising Dancer Class is an agile, endurance- and crit-heavy class that focuses on rapid assaults and evasion. It’s one of the harder starting classes, but it’s fast, fluid, and entertaining when it works. Below are Steelrising Dancer’s tips & tricks.

We’ll start with Steelrising Dancer’s equipment, starting perks, and general class information. Players can flip their character in-game, so you pick the class for its starting perks, Agility and Vigor, immobility and crit-focused stats.

Starting features Name Description
Weapon Armored Fans Light dual wield weapon that deals 52 base damage, with a secondary attack that turns her weapons into a shield.
Grenade Flame Grenade Explosive grenade that ignites enemies affected.
Perk 1 Agility +3 Increases Immobilization Damage and Physical Damage.
Perk 2 Vigour +2 Increases Endurance and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies.


Dancer starting class attributes, stats and modifiers

Attributes Aegis Attack Defence
Power: 0 Anima Essence:0 Physical Damage: 54 Balance: 0%
Durability: 0 lvl. Up: 1000 Flame Damage: 0 Armor: 30
Agility: 3 Health: 250 Frost Damage: 0 Flame Resistance: 6%
Vigor: 2 Endurance: 114 Fulmination Damage: 0 Frost Resistance: 0%
Elemental Alchemy: 0 Alchemical Capsules: 5 Special Move damage: 0 Fulmination Resistance: 6%
Engineering: 0 Loot Multiplier: x1 Impact: 49
Immobilization: 41
Critical Hit Multiplier: x1.16
Affliction Multiplier: x1


Steelrising Dancer’s weapon recommendations

The Dancer starts with three good weapons that can be upgraded to the end of the game:

Nemesis Claws
Armored Fans
Falchion and Sabre

Nemesis Claws – tier Agility scaling weapons that reward immobilization crits. Fourth right attack in chain hits target three times. It’s great for dealing swift damage and boosting your tracked target’s immobilization meter. It scales nicely with the Dancer’s focus on quickness and immobility, and may become your main weapon.

The Armoured Fan – has the finest agility scaling and decent power modifications. Its secondary fire is a shield that helps players play the game’s squishiest starting class. It’s a good alternative if you’re new to Souls-like games like Steelrising.

Falchion and Sabre – benefit from your enhanced impacts, physical damage, immobilize, and other harmful aspects. This weapon is ideal for several foes. Dancers have great Endurance, thus they can afford Blade Tornado. It hits hard with a power build, therefore it can combine well with an immobilization setup weapon like Nemesis Claws, with your large crit Sabre popping the guaranteed immobilization crit. The weapon is also good for assaulting adversaries who don’t immobilize before dying. This weapon flatters your build.

Elements-themed weapons with good agility scaling can also be used. This lets the Dancer accumulate alchemical stacks for extra damage on foes, especially bosses. You can then switch to your agility weapon and use it on your enemy while they have the status effect. This is especially useful when used with the relevant grenade type to quickly accumulate status effects, allowing you to swap to your agility weapon for immobilization and crit damage. You can also use grenades.

Steelrising Dancer’s stat priorities are:

1. Vigour
2. Agility

Vigour grants the Dancer Endurance, the game’s stamina meter. Dancers attack and dodge often, therefore they need endurance to immobilize their opponent. Agility boosts damage and immobilization.

Agility is the most significant stat, followed by Vigor. When your Endurance bar can’t keep up with adversaries, it’s time to improve.

You have options thereafter. Passively level health, armor, and alchemy for elemental resistances. You don’t need much, just enough to survive. As you gain stronger and collect module keys, you can offset these stats with armor and mods.


Fire and Explosive Grenades enhance DPS, especially against bosses and harder adversaries. Steelrising’s Dancer dodges and weaves assaults, thus these grenades help when they’re not close enough to cause damage.

Immobilization Grenades assist get rid of crits. Frost Grenades can freeze enemies in place, allowing the Dancer to build up immobility for juicy crits without resistance.


These modules increase The Dancer’s strengths and limitations. We suggest picking these four alternatives when you can and upgrading modules when they’re better.

Charging Module – Increases Physical damage caused by successful fully charged attacks.
Resistance Modules – Any resistance modules you need in the area depending on the enemy alchemical types.
Longevity Module – Increases Aegis health.
Swiftness Module – Increase Immobilisation generation by dodge and sprint attacks.
Grade III Destruction Module – Increases your physical damage

Most levels have an elemental theme, therefore resistance modules work well. On difficult levels, choose general resistance or armor if there’s no elemental damage. This slot requires flexibility.

Dancer benefits from the health module. Dancers lack range and are the game’s squishiest class. Health modules can help.

Swiftness and Charging are damage modules. Swiftness increases Immobilization charges from dodge and sprint attacks. This improves the build because you will automatically evade and strike when the time is appropriate when eliminating bosses or elite enemies. The Charging Module is ideal for landing fully charged assaults on foes you just knocked down with a counterattack or immobility.

Last is Destruction. Later in the game, his enhances physical damage. Replace this with your choice.

Is this your favorite class? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by: Rai O.

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