Steelrising: How do you counterattack?

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Steelrising has a sort of parrying in the game, which players can use in combat thanks to its counterattack feature. One of the tiny strategies you can use to gain an advantage over your opponent in souls-like games is parrying. Here’s everything you need to know about Steelrising counterattacks.

The first thing you should know about counterattacks in Steelrising is that they are limited to specific weapons. On some weapons, the counterattack feature is considered a supplementary attack type. You must determine whether your weapon can perform a counterattack by inspecting each weapon and determining whether the counterattack is available.

How do I counterattack?

Once you’ve chosen a weapon with a counterattack, you can use the secondary attack to activate it. Aegis will receive a new animation that will last approximately half a second. If an enemy strikes Aegis while that animation is active, a counterattack will be launched, effectively riposting the enemy. To land counterattacks correctly in Steelrising, players must practice their timing and master the enemy attack animations.

Upon a successful counterattack, each weapon deals a significant amount of damage while also applying a significant amount of Impact to knock your opponents down. If your construct does not specialize in impact, it will most likely merely counterattack the enemy’s damage. When fighting larger foes, a shield with a large endurance bar is arguably better for low-impact builds or weapons.

There is certainly cause to become acquainted with these strategies in order to perform well in fight. Failure to riposte, on the other hand, almost certainly sets you up for failure. If you’re not very adept at timing counterattacks, weapons with shield secondary attacks are more forgiving than counterattacks.

Are you a parry-type of player or do you go all out? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by: Rai O.

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