The Division 2: Navy Hill Transmission – Unmarked Side Mission Guide

In “The Division 2” there are some optional orders, also called side missions. In this guide, we show you the side mission: Navy Hill Transmission.

This is a level 23 mission
Get this mission from Jane Applegate, you’ll find her in the Underground / Sewer of Foggy Bottom.

An overview of all additional missions can be found here.

Find and explore the underground bunker

unmarked division 2 mission

As mentioned above, you do not just get this side job, you have to find and telk to Jane Applegate in Foggy Bottom. You will find her in the sewage system, as soon as you are near, a symbol will appear on the map.

After that, this mission is quite simple and short, follows the target marker to the observatory. Inside the building, you’ll need to find a hidden switch (search the observatory). The switch is located behind a painting, which can be seen on the right as you go up the stairs.

After that, this mission is fairly straightforward, but importantly, you get a sequence mission:
The G. Philips protocol


Navy Hill Transmission – Video Guide

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