The Division 2: Resourceful Agent – Trophy and Achievement Guide

The Division 2 – Resourceful Agent trophies and achievements guide. We’ll show you how you can complete Division 2 with 100%, and you’ll need to do the following:

Resourceful Agent
Help friendlies in resource gathering.

An overview of all the trophies and achievements can be found here, The Division 2 Trophies Guide.


Help friendlies in resource gathering

Go to the Theater settlement, walk the streets outside the settlement, and look for a group of friendlies. You recognize collectors that you target them, then you see over their head a message like “En Route to Gather”.

Follow them, as soon as one of the allies collects the resource you can approach it and with Quad (PS4) you share your resources with him, which unlocks the trophy.

You can also meet collectors in other places, for example while exploring the world.

Written by: Carizma

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