The Division 2: RFID Key Card Location – Bank Headquarters

The Secret Key Card – Bank Headquarters – Save the President

In the “The Division 2” main mission, Bank Headquarters, you must advance to a vault and rescue the president. This is one of the toughest missions up to this point, at least if you’re on Level 16. In this mission you will find the secret RFID Key Card, which will give you access to a hiding place in the vault and thus also to extra loot.

But you have to take the RFID Key Card with you immediately after you pass through the vault, there is no way back!


Location of the RFID Key Card

Right at the beginning of the mission, after you’re up the escalators, and BEFORE you’re abseiling in the elevator, you come to the “CEO” Office of the World Bank Group. In front of the office you can see a big CEO lettering on the wall. Go in and keep left, there are some tables and boxes and a closet with a white sliding door. You can open this sliding door and grab the RFID key card.


When you come to the vault room, Immediately after entering you see a locked room on the left, there is a terminal for the key card.

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Written by: Carizma

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