The Last of Us Part 1: The Quarantine Zone Walkthrough

The last of us part 1 The Quarantine Zone

The Last of Us Part 1: The Quarantine Zone – After Hometown, Joel will meet Tess 20 years later. The two decide to find Robert.

We’ll walk you through the second chapter, and how to locate the artifacts to complete this level.

20 Years Later – The Last of Us Part 1

You’ll retake control after the cutscene when Joel exits into an alley. Follow Tess down a nearby passageway and onto a street patrolled by soldiers. There are a few things that will capture your attention here (including your first glance at how the military treats potentially infected civilians), so either stay and look or follow Tess.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Optional Conversation 01: Newspaper Stand

You’ll reach a huge clearing after passing through the line of civilians being examined. Tess will instruct you to turn left and proceed through the nearby checkpoint. We can actually start an optional dialogue here before you go.

To your right, look for a pair of survivors leaning against a newspaper stand. It’s very adjacent to the bus stop. They’ll introduce themselves to Joel, which will start the optional discussion. Before returning to your objective, press TRIANGLE and listen to them.

Once you’ve had the talk, accompany Tess to the checkpoint. As you approach, a sequence will play in which Joel and Tess are speaking to the guard.

An explosion occurs just as they are about to pass through the gate. Hold the thumbstick back and hit X to make a rapid turn, then follow Tess.
She will take you to a neighboring building and provide you with medical materials. To heal, press up on the DPAD and hold down the right trigger once you’ve obtained the medkit. Follow Tess once you’ve been healed. She’ll start talking about Robert with a survivor.

Tess will eventually bring you to a chamber with another survivor. She’ll talk to him before going to the shelf on the left side of the room. Join her and seek for the TRIANGLE prompt once she asks you to help push the shelf. You can move the shelf by pressing it. Drop into the pit behind it now.

Beyond the Wall

When you land, you’ll be in several tunnels that run beneath the structure. Tess will turn on a generator. Follow her through the tunnel on the right after she’s finished, vaulting over the pipe ahead.

You’ll find yourself in a little space with a workstation. Tess will direct you to your belongings, which are perched on the workbench adjacent to where she is standing.

You can get your rucksack by walking over to it and pressing TRIANGLE. Joel will pull out his rifle, and the game will ask you to reload by hitting R2. Tess will beg you to lift her over a nearby wall once you’ve reloaded.

Artifact 01: Military Pamphlet and Artifact 02: Boston Q.Z Map

When you pick up your rucksack, the first two artifacts in the game will be instantly put to it. To enter the artifacts tab, use the touchpad and press R1.
The Military Pamphlet and the Boston Q.Z Map will be located in his stockpile, thus those are our first two artifacts.

When you’re all set, follow Tess to the upper right-hand corner of the room. You’ll come to a wooden wall that you can push her over.
Approach the wall, press the TRIANGLE button, and Joel will assist Tess in getting up. She’ll reach down to aid Joel once she’s up.

Jump up and grasp her hand by pressing X. Once you’ve gotten to your feet, move ahead and press TRIANGLE to climb up through the hole above you. As you stand up, walk towards the doorway in front of you.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Optional Conversation 02: Outside the Abandoned CafĂ©

An optional dialogue marker will display above Tess’ head as you exit through the doorway. When you press TRIANGLE, the duo will have a quick exchange. Make careful you don’t run too far away and end up missing it. After that, you can continue exploring.

When the talk is finished, proceed northeast of the cafe’s door. Tess will notice that the ladder is missing from the hole in the wall above. Examine the area to the left of the nearby car. The ladder will be on the ground.

Pick up the ladder with TRIANGLE and walk it to the hole in the wall. When prompted, align Joel with the wall below the hole and press TRIANGLE again to lean the ladder against it. Follow Tess up the ladder after she has climbed it.

Take a right and enter the next hallway. Don’t go down the stairs on your left just yet. Instead, enter the kitchen on your right and look at the countertop for three scrap pieces. We’ll need these eventually to enhance our equipment.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Firefly Pendant 01: Vigil

Let’s go into the bedroom to Tess’s right before we join her. The first Firefly Pendant in The Quarantine Zone may be found next to the mattress. To get it, press TRIANGLE.

By pressing TRIANGLE again, you can turn the pendant and read the name on the back. When you’re finished, hit CIRCLE to return to the main hallway.

When you’re ready, follow Tess down the hole in the stairs. You’ll end up on the house’s ground floor. Follow the route ahead of you. Tess will ultimately notice spore clouds and instruct Joel to don his gas mask. Spores don’t take any action on your part, and Joel will automatically put on his gas mask, although they usually indicate that infected are around.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Optional Conversation 03: Source of the Spores

Enter the entrance from where the spores are erupting and proceed through the hole in the wall to your right. A Point of Interest prompt will appear on your right as you crawl into the tunnel, over the top of a man connected to the wall by spores.

Press TRIANGLE to hear Joel and Tess discuss the man. It will count as an Optional Conversation, and we will cross it off our list.

When you’re ready to proceed, turn right and hit TRIANGLE to move the neighboring beam out of your way. Pass through the tight gap to begin a short scene in which Tess and Joel encounter a man stranded behind some rubble.

His mask is broken, indicating that he will turn. You have two options: shoot the man and put him out of his suffering, or leave him to turn and save the bullet. Regardless matter which option you choose, grab the two bullets by his feet.

Follow the trail behind you until you come to a small hole in a boarded-up door through which you can crawl. On the other side, you’ll witness three runners attack a survivor.

One of the runners will flee into the chamber to your left, leaving the other two to feast on his body. We’ll go through how to use the Listen Mode in this section.

Listen Mode

Joel may use Listen mode to find adversaries from a distance. It operates on sound, as the name implies. The closer you are to an opponent, the more clearly you can hear and locate them. Hold R1 to activate Listen Mode.

We can see now that the runner to our left is alone, and the other two are clustered around the deceased survivor. Sneak behind the runner and hit TRIANGLE to grab him when you’re ready. Press SQUARE from this position, and Joel will choke him out, killing him quietly.

With him gone, we have two choices. Either we sneak past the two runners who are feasting on the survivor, or we confront them. If you wish to battle them, you should be able to defeat them with some well-placed bullets or melee strikes, but for now, let’s save some ammo and sneak by them quietly.
We took the first runner down into the room, exited through the archway on the left, and sneaked around the two runners. If you keep your distance, they won’t notice you.

A kitchen with a granola bar is located on the opposite side of the room. Eat it if you need to heal. There’s also a side room off the kitchen that has three bullets stashed on a desk, so feel free to take them.

When you’re ready, proceed up the stairs beside the kitchen. When you reach the top, do not exit through the planks opposite you. Instead, turn left into Natalie and Vegiard Legal Group. The firm’s emblem is on the back wall, so you’ll know you’re at the right place.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 03: Note to Brother

Through the entrance on the left-hand side of the room, enter the Natalie and Vegiard Legal Group office’s side room. Your third item can be found on the table in the back of the space.

A note is the artifact in question. Joel will comment on its contents and place it in his rucksack once you’ve acquired it.

Leave the office with the note in your inventory, cross the planks, and drop down to the area below. When you arrive, Joel will remove his gas mask and Tess will assume command once more. Follow her through a decaying factory through a tight crevice.

Continue following Tess until she comes to a wide, impassable gap. To get to the other side, you’ll need to use a plank. To find one, use the path to Tess’s left and drop to the floor below. A plank can be found in the center of this region. Pick it up when instructed and place it against the wall underneath Tess’s feet.

Turn around after she’s grabbed the plank and search for a massive hole in the brick wall behind you. Climb through it and follow the trail back to the route we took with Tess earlier. Ascend the path and use the newly put plank to bridge the gap.

Leave through the door ahead, plunging from the right-hand fire escape to the floor below. Although this is just another example of following Tess, our second Firefly Pendant is on the way, so let’s go over how to find it.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Firefly Pendant 02: Glueck

Continue pursuing Tess from the area below the plank crossing until she ducks beneath a low-hanging fire escape. Look at the tree straight in front of you after you’ve dipped under it. A pendant hangs from a branch in this tree, which we’ll have to shoot free, but it can be tough to spot.

Use your torch to aim while you search, as the pendant will reflect the light and appear clearer. The limb is near the bottom of the tree, so look for it and shoot it when you find it. Pick up the necklace after it reaches the ground to collect your second pendant.

After that, reunite with Tess and proceed through the door. She’ll lock it behind you, so make sure you have the pendant by the time you join her.

The Slums

Continue following Tess into the room ahead once you’ve passed through the door and it’s locked behind you. As you approach the room, she will advise you to collect the ammo on your right. Pick it up and wait for Tess to enter the slums.

Follow her through the area once she does. You’ll ultimately come across a bus that’s broken down. Exit and proceed into the clearing ahead after a brief exchange between Joel and a local thug. We need to get to the tale right away, but first let’s take two collectibles found nearby.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 04 and 05: Drafting Notice and Wanted Poster

As you reach the clearing, make your way to the notice board to the north of Joel. Along the way, you’ll notice a jumble of notes on the floor next to a broken dishwasher.

Artifact 04, the Drafting Notice, is one of these notes. Pick it up, read it, and then put it in Joel’s backpack.

Once you’ve obtained the Drafting Notice, glance up and proceed to the notice board to the north of it. A Wanted Poster has been posted on the board, promising a reward for the head of the Fireflies, Marlene. Artifact 05 has been added to the collection.

Fighting Your Way to The Docks

Return to Tess with both artifacts. From the Wanted Poster notice board, proceed to the center of the clearing and then turn left. Entering the gate ahead will start a cutscene in which Tess bribes a local survivor to find Robert.

When the scene is over, go on until you reach a second gate. Another cutscene will play, this time with the couple infuriating a group of Robert’s thugs. Prepare yourself, for it’s time for our first actual combat engagements.

Fortunately, with only two guys in the fight, we don’t have to deal with too many threats at once. The goal is to familiarize you with the gunplay, so get used to the weight of the pistol and the sway while remaining in cover and jumping out when the right bullets line up. The quickest method to finish these people is to flank them, so if possible, push around the boxes in the center of the space to expose them.

If you run out of ammunition, charge the thugs head-on. By continually tapping SQUARE, you’ll be able to unleash a salvo of melee strikes that will quickly dispatch your opponents. Stay in cover, play slowly, and get used to aiming. You will finally triumph.

Fighting Your Way to The Docks – continued

Push through the tunnel behind them after the couple is dead. You’ll come to a halt, but Tess may be helped over the wall to the left of the gate. Boost her up and then let her assist you in climbing up. Continue along the trail until you reach a warehouse.

Crawl through the opening in the metal gate ahead to enter the yard. As you do so, goons will emerge from the warehouse, kicking off another battle. We can employ stealth to our advantage this time. We have four opponents to contend with here.

Tess will take one down with a silent knife strike as soon as the encounter begins. There are only three left. Two of them will enter the storehouse, while one will turn left. The best strategy here is to enter the small side chamber to the right of the two thugs in the warehouse (the door is directly next to the main entrance). Tess will enter the room with you and tell you that if you murder one of your enemies, she will kill the other.

Return to the yard and wait for the two goons in the warehouse to face the north wall before leaving the side room. When they do, take down the one on the left quietly while Tess finishes the one on the right. With them gone, there is only one thug left. To complete the encounter, dispatch him and take his Warehouse Key.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 06: Warehouse Key

The Warehouse Key is important to the plot, but it’s also artifact 06, so we can cross that one off the list.
When you’re finished, return to the warehouse and use the key to unlock the back entrance. After interacting with it, you’ll enter a much larger warehouse and encounter even more adversaries. We’ll have five to take down this time.

Listen in on the thugs’ talk outside, then wait for them to split up and go away. One will remain in the doorway ahead of you after they’ve left. Grab him, transfer him out of sight, and kill him quietly. That eliminates one opponent. While you’re here, take the bottle from this room. We can use it to create a distraction and entice a guard. You can also use it to stun an enemy, allowing you to bridge the gap when you’re out of ammunition.

The majority of the adversaries in the area should have moved into the warehouse by now, so proceed up the blue steps to your right. Take out the thug ahead of you who has his back to you. That brings us to two. The last three are in difficult situations. The first will be on the main floor, while the other two will be on the raised walkway.

Your greatest chance is to use the bottle to lure an enemy into a quiet location.

Throw it, cause a distraction, and take out the guard who is investigating it. Then, execute the final two guards quietly. When they’re finished, scavenge for goods before heading to the warehouse’s bottom floor and using the sliding door to access the docks.

When you press TRIANGLE to unlock the door with the chain, a cutscene will play, showing Joel and Tess nearing the docks.

Dock Battle

It’s now time for our most difficult battle yet. Everything we’ve learned thus far, including stealth takedowns, distractions, and (possibly) gunplay, will be put to the test in the next battle. There are also some new fighting aspects we can use here, such as shivs and deadly melee weapons.

So, let’s get this party started. This time, we have six adversaries to deal with. When you’re ready, let’s use the shipping boxes on Joel’s left to circle the battlefield. You’ll come into one thug here, though he’ll be facing you. Grab him, position him behind the crates, and dispatch him for your first kill.

A shiv can also be found on a black box between the shipping crates. Shivs allow you to kill foes instantaneously when you grab them, but they break after use. It’s worth remembering that they might be used to access secret doors or protect against more strong adversaries we’ll encounter later, so don’t use them all right away.

Dock Battle – continued

When you’re ready, use the 2X4 to take out the thug on the right side of the space. He’ll be patrolling near the yellow forklift, right in front of where we began the battle. Using a distraction, draw him away from the two guys nearby and take him down. When he’s finished, take his 2X4. This is a strong melee weapon that breaks after a few uses but deals a lot of damage.

From here, you should proceed inside the inner docks warehouse, eliminating adversaries one by one. It shouldn’t be too difficult now that you’ve eliminated the two guards stationed around the perimeter, but if you make a mistake and become overpowered, retreat behind the shipping containers. There are numerous places to hide if you want to re-enter stealth, but it also provides ample protection from enemy fire. Don’t leave till the conflict is finished. We still need to recover two artifacts.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 07: Shipping Manifest

Now that the conflict is over, let’s go get the two artifacts that are hidden in this location. The first is located just to the right of where we began the fight encounter. Return to the docks’ entrance and follow a railing that overlooks the water. A sign with the words “No Fishing” will be put to the railing. The Shipping Manifest is located to the left of this sign.

If you try to collect this letter in the middle of a battle, Joel will simply pocket it for later, so there’s no harm in swinging by and grabbing it before the battle begins.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 08: Docks Note

The final item in this section may be located on the west side of the warehouse, to the right of a blue bin. Go northeast from the “No Fishing” sign we discovered when tracking the previous relic.

Joel will make a comment on the note before putting it in his backpack and adding Artifact 08: Docks Note to his collection.

When both items have been recovered, follow Tess through the entrance on the warehouse’s east side. You’ll walk into an office. When you open the door to your left, a cutscene will begin, with Robert firing at Joel and Tess. When it’s finished, go after Robert. He’ll dash through multiple buildings until being apprehended, triggering a second cutscene.

The Cargo

When the cutscene concludes, we’ll have a new party member: Marlene. However, there isn’t much time to vet the Firefly leader before unwelcome guests arrive. Follow Marlene once you regain control. She’ll go up some steps to the left.

If you keep following her, she will lead you up a fire escape and onto the rooftops. Marlene will continue taking you to her safehouse after the last stragglers of Marlene’s squad of Fireflies are extinguished.

Marlene will eventually fall through a smashed window into an abandoned factory. Follow her and then take the items on the metal table in front of you. When you’re finished, go to the door on the right and assist Marlene in opening it by pressing TRIANGLE when requested and then moving right.

Continue down the route until a cutscene appears. Marlene will instruct you to enter the entrance on the opposite side of the dock. The only problem is that it’s overrun with guards. Marlene thinks it’s possible to slip past the enemies, so that’s what we’re going for.

The Cargo – continued

Crouch and use the boxes in front of you to remain undetected after you retake control. When you reach the platform’s edge, turn left and follow Marlene up the steps. It’s worth mentioning that there are quite a few guards up here. It’s not enough to prevent you from winning a shootout, but it’s simpler to play this portion non-lethally. When you reach the top of the steps, turn left and walk through the building.

Head north along the corridor towards the back of the building. A soldier will be positioned in the doorway to your right. Don’t take him. He’s talking to another soldier across from him, who will see you if you try anything. Simply walk past and to the end of the corridor. Proceed to the final chamber on the right. Take a look out the window. You should notice a guard standing with his back to you. Grab him and take him down, ensuring sure he’s out of sight.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Optional Conversation 04: Body Pile

A mound of dead may be seen across the bridge ahead. When all of the opponents in the area have been defeated, you will be able to approach the pile and begin an Optional Conversation with Marlene.

It’s worth remembering that you must eliminate every adversary in the region in order to obtain this Optional Conversation. If it does not trigger, check sure there are no adversaries around.

Now, go around the boxes to your left in a circle. There will be two guards facing the stairs you must descend. Distract them with a bottle or a block before sneaking down the staircase. It’s a direct shot to the door from here.

Follow Marlene through the building until you reach a door she requires assistance opening. When prompted to start a cutscene, walk up and press TRIANGLE. Joel ultimately realizes what he’s smuggling in this scene: Ellie.

Firefly Pendant 03: Liu

When we take control, we’ll be able to find the chapter’s final collectible right away. Look ahead for a dead firefly perched against a newspaper kiosk. The chapter’s third Firefly Pendant is next to him.

Pick it up, examine it, and then put it away. If you’ve followed the guide correctly, you should have all of the collectibles in this chapter.

After grabbing the pendant, proceed west, descending the surrounding steps, turning right, and following the path around to a small clearing.

Our goal here is to find something that will assist us in reaching the fire escape on the left side of the clearing. Look in the garage to the west of where Joel came in. A dumpster can be found inside. When prompted to relocate the bin, walk up to it and hit TRIANGLE. Wheel it around and park it in front of the fire escape before releasing it.

Joel can climb onto the dumpster and then up to the fire escape from here. Ascend the stairs and enter the residential complex. Take a left, continue the trail, and for the first time, listen to Ellie and Joel quarrel. The Quarantine Zone is complete once you reach the door at the end of the walkway. It’s now time for next chapter, The Outskirts.

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