Anthem: Players Criticize the New Loot Update – Drop rates to low

Anthem: Players Criticize the New Loot Update – Drop rates to low

Since the release of Anthem, the developer Bioware is busy publishing numerous updates and thus eradicating the criticisms of the game. The latest updates should change the loot system, but the community is not satisfied with the adjustments. Although the items are now somewhat more useful than before, the drop rate is still too low.

In recent updates, developer Bioware has adapted the looting mechanics in Anthem to make items found more useful. So all inscriptions on items now really fit to the respective items, so no more useless bonuses can occur. In addition, players over level 30 will no longer find common or rare items.

The last update was Anthem Patch 1.04, surely Patch 1.05 will be released shortly.


Anthem Drop Rate – TO LOW

However, the loot system has not improved appreciably – at least if one uses the Reddit community as a benchmark. Despite the adjustments many players wish for further changes that not only improve the loot, but also increase the drop rate. At the moment this is so low that an inappropriate amount of time is required to find a handful of good items.

The low looted droop rates are likely to be frustrating for the community, especially because they were already higher: The Day One Patch increased (unintentionally) the drop rates, allowing players to collect relatively many items in their first few hours. A few hours later, this change was reversed.

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