Fortnite is getting a new shotgun – details leaked

Fortnite is getting a new shotgun – details leaked

Dataminer have found evidence of a new shotgun in Fortnite. Will it be stronger than the normal shotgun? How strong should the weapon be?

Dataminer HYPEX was able to find a new shotgun called “Charge” in Fortnite’s data.

The new shotgun is said to be available in all rarities. So you’d find them quite often on the floor, in chests and supplies, and not like epic and legendary shotguns, which are rather rare.


How much damage does the new shotgun do?

The Dataminer HYPEX could see in the files how much damage the shotgun should cause.

Body hits are said to do 68 to 102 damage, depending on whether you hit a critical area. The closer the shot gets to the head, the higher the damage.

Head hits should get a multiplier of 1.5. The lowest damage would be -> 102 and the highest damage -> 153.


When does the new shotgun appear?

It is a leak, a disclosure by Dataminer. Epic has not yet officially confirmed the new shotgun.

If the rumors are true, the new “Charge” shotgun should be added to the game shortly.


Written by: Carizma

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