Fortnite: Patch removes lightsabers – and accidentally more

Fortnite: Patch removes lightsabers – and accidentally more

After the Skywalker saga ended in the cinema, Star Wars in Fortnite also came to an end. However, the corresponding patch accidentally removed a bit too much.

This is what the new patch does: On January 7, a patch went live in Fortnite that removes the lightsabers from the game. These had landed in the game after a complex Star Wars live event and also made themselves felt.

The weapons were extremely powerful because they did a lot of damage and gave players the ability to block shots. In order to deal with the lightsabers, you had to have a good tactic. This is now the end: Star Wars disappears from Fortnite for now.

This happened: On reddit, some players reported after the patch that their achievements from the Star Wars event, along with the rest of the Star Wars content, had disappeared from the game. Cosmetics and skins remain in the inventory and can be used, but the overview of the completed challenges has disappeared.

Epic Games has now noticed this bug and is looking for the bug.


Written by: Carizma

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  1. Bernard January 13, 2020 | Reply

    Never put overpowered weapons in the game for so long!!!!

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