Fortnite Update 2.83 Patch Notes on August 28

Fortnite Update 2.83 Patch Notes on August 28

Epic Games released a new hotfix update for Fortnite a few minutes ago. We will have all the information about this patch on August 28th.

The Fortnite Update 2.83 can now be downloaded for PC and PS4. On the PS4 you have to download a total of 463 MB.


Fortnite Patch Notes 2.83

With this update the problem with the German language and the error ce-34878-0 has been solved.

  • Fixed: Players who set their system language to German could no longer log into Fortnite after patch 2.82 (Update v14.00) was installed.

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Yo August 29, 2020 | Reply

    My says 453 mb

  2. Deon August 29, 2020 | Reply

    Make the cosmetics in the battle pass usable by any skin please…

  3. p August 28, 2020 | Reply

    ALL THIS UPDATING FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. njdjslwlsk August 28, 2020 | Reply

    mine is taking forever to download bruh

  5. Gyula August 28, 2020 | Reply

    Just fucking bring back 100% chest spawns

  6. Rodrigo August 28, 2020 | Reply

    For some reason my PS4 says it’s 33.939 Gb this patch.

  7. Hi August 28, 2020 | Reply

    Cool mate

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