Fortnite Patch Notes 2.29 – Update 9.41 of July 22

Note: This is not the patch note for the “content update” on July 23, you can find it here.

Epic Games has released Fortnite Update 9.41, we have all the info and patch notes about it, for PS4, Xbox One, PC and all other platforms.

Fortnite Client Patch 2.29 is now available for download, you must download the update and install. The download of the client patch is 731 MB.

Today's hotfix is designed to fix a creative-mode issue and issues with the iOS version.


Fortnite Patch Notes 2.29 - Update 9.41

So far there are no detailed patch notes, so far only the following is known:

  • 9.41 - Stability fixes to improve Fortnie

Written by: J.P.

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  1. Nathan Lee July 22, 2019 | Reply

    I just hope they fix the bug where i can’t do edit courses

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