NBA 2K20: Where is Patch 1.04 – Still many bugs in the game

NBA 2K20: Where is Patch 1.04 – Still many bugs in the game

Update September 19: Patch 1.04 is Live! Here you will find the Patch Notes.

NBA 2K20 did not have a good start, a lot of bugs were in the game. The reviews and complaints were mounting in all channels, like Twitter and Reddit.

2K initially did not comment, there was no statement. But then Update 1.02 and then Update 1.03 was released. Many bugs were removed from the game, but unfortunately not all.

It was not until the NBA 2K20 Patch 1.03 that the patch notes were released for the first time, but the details were released far too late to the public.

But there are still a few mistakes in the game that make the fans upset. 2K has commented on this:

Although many of the issues seen after launch have been fixed, we know there are still others we need to resolve. Our Dev team is working around the clock to prepare an upcoming patch that will address other significant issues

Where is NBA 2K20 Update 1.04? When the next update will appear is not known. 2K has not called an appointment, we hope it will happen this week!

As soon as we learn more, we will tell you about it!

Written by: Carizma

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