One Piece Odyssey: Alabasta Sneak Peak

One Piece Odyssey: Alabasta Sneak Peak

One Piece Odyssey Teaser, which focuses upon how the game will reconstruct iconic scenes, was now released.


The latest trailer for Alabasta showcases a popular traditional occasion in the One Piece world. It enables users to unleash Straw Hat Crew’s abilities by entering the “world of memories”. One Piece Odyssey‘ original concept is rooted in One Piece canon, so the anime fans will appreciate numerous scenes from the past as well as some new adventures.


One Piece Odyssey: Alabasta Story Preview


Based on the preview, the Straw Hat Crew was transported to a strange island where they pursued missions. They also engage in exciting battles with dangerous opponents and huge bosses. This game will introduce a new chapter for the legendary pirates upon an original plot and new characters produced by show’s creator Eiichiro Oda. 


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