Overwatch 2: SMS Protect Removed for Veteran Players

Overwatch 2: SMS Protect Removed for Veteran Players

Overwatch 2 recently enabled the SMS Protect to avoid toxic players and fraud.  Unfavorably, that certain Overwatch 2 SMS Protect condition has also prevented credible gamers from entering the game. Blizzard declared in the latest update that SMS Protect would no longer be needed anymore. It is for game players who had played since June 9, 2021.  This will be put into effect across all social media channels eventually this week, on October 7.


Overwatch 2: Assessment of Queue Problems and Server Crashes


Furthermore, the producer had also sincerely apologized for the long queue times, server crashes, and constraints that the game is going through at the moment.


Missing Player Items:


Blizzard also has recognized the problem of missing player items and data. They assure players that their achievements and items are still intact. In half of the known instances, it’s simply a result of the original Overwatch 1 items taking considerably longer to allocate to OW2.


If there are any other problems that you are experiencing right now, let us know in the comment section below!

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