Pay2Win in Anthem – The developer gives a clear answer

Pay2Win in Anthem – The developer gives a clear answer

In the Anthem community, a discussion about the cash-shop has flared up. While there are still no prices for the micro-transactions mentioned, BioWare gives at least the pay-to-win a rejection.

Pay2Win in Anthem, how and why? Is it true?

What happened? The cash shop of Anthem is already hotly debated before the launch of the game. BioWare pointed out that the prices are not yet final and also the amount in the picture of the shop does not have to correspond to reality.

Nevertheless, the players were appalled by the amount of the required currency.

The two currencies

  • are “shards” that are available for real money
  • and “coins” that you can earn in the game

Players were also worried that Electronic Arts and BioWare might offer not only cosmetic items, but also, in the future, materials for real-money crafting.

What would that mean? Players in Anthem can produce improved gear or weapons with the different prerequisites and the right material.

So, if materials were to be bought in the shop for real money, gamers could make themselves more powerful through real money in the game – something that developers have always said is not possible in Anthem.

What does BioWare say? The developers of Anthem are very active in the social networks. They spoke up on Twitter to reassure players with P2W anxiety.

Asked if you could buy real-money materials, Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah responded with a bold “no.”

Lead producer Ben Irving went a bit further into his tweet. For example, players could purchase a limited number of crafting materials per week with coins.

Coins is the currency that can be earned in the game. In the VIP demo, players were given coins when they completed challenges. Whether this will remain the same in the final game is not yet known.

Where does P2W fear come from? On Reddit, some users complain that some creators are spreading a bad mood about the game.

So the players on Reddit report that it is apparently “in” to spread false information about the shooter. Big headlines about scandals could be better marketed to a trend like Anthem.

Also, some players have their concerns because of the publisher Electronic Arts. The scandal around the Lootboxen in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is still in the memory of the players.

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