Pokémon GO: Update 0.137.1 Patch Notes – OSM Map Changes

Pokémon GO: Update 0.137.1 Patch Notes – OSM Map Changes

The Pokémon GO Update 0.137.1 has been released! There are two points to report. First, the new client update was released with the version number 0.137.1. Second, the in-game map has been updated with a recent version of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) dataset, creating new spawnpoints and removing some.

Pokemon GO 0.137.1 update – Patch Notes

  • You can now filter the Pokemon list with three new keywords: “baby“, “@hatched” and “withitem
  • PvP stat buffs and debuffs now have sound effects! Rejoice!
  • A new UI is present when purchasing PokeCoins
  • There were a handful of changes to the Pokedex rendering:
    • Spinda forms now display all current and future forms
    • All Deoxys forms are displayed and clickable
    • Giratina forms are also displayed, but broken


OpenStreetMap data updated!

  • Areas that are marked as landuse:construction should now have spawns if they didn’t have them before
  • New paths, footpaths and sidewalks features have been added, potentially generating new spawn points
  • Schools, religious buildings and military zones are still blocking spawns
  • Some nests have changed and some mega-nests have been fixed. According to a reddit report, the Long Island mega nest no longer spawns only Sudowoodo:

Meganest has been removed: the mistake ‘shrub’ tag was taken out so the entire Long Island (and Berlin) do not have a massive spawn like Sudowoodo.

Common & Event Spawns: the meganest resulted in things like Safari Zone Psyduck, Christmas Pikachu and Fighting Event Mankey being blocked. Common spawns like Pidgey and Rattata were also affected. With the meganest lifted, these spawns can resume like normal.

Small Nests Reverted: some smaller parks may have been impacted by the meganest so check in. My local park (which was a Wailmer nest back during the 2017 Water Festival) finally got it’s nest status back and is hosting Seel.


Source: PokemonGoHub

Written by: Carizma

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