RAGE 2 Bug: Markers of Missions and Objects are Missing

RAGE 2 Bug: Markers of Missions and Objects are Missing

Rage 2 was released a few days ago and the Day One Patch 1.02 was made available. The first update was supposed to fix many bugs, but unfortunately there are still some bugs in the game.

One of the Momentary Bugs shows you no mark in missions, even for some objects is missing the hint that you can interact with it.

Most of the missions you play are divided into several steps, which you will be shown with signposts. At the moment it can happen that these marks do not appear, you have no clues about the location of the next section.

Likewise it can happen to you with objects, for example you can find a data pad but you can not interact with it, also the hint in the HUD does not appear.

You do not have to despair because we have a simple solution!

If you play a mission and the target markers disappear: Go to the menu and look at the mission description in the LOG, then you switch back into the game, now all markers should be present again.

You can not interact with items? To work around this problem, just press the touchpad briefly to enter the menu. Then go back into the game, now you should be able to interact with the object.

Written by: Carizma

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