The Division 2: Open Beta announced

The Division 2: Open Beta announced

As assumed before, there will be an Open Beta for Division 2. Ubisoft shared the information that the Open Beta will start in March.

The Division 2 Open Beta starts in March 2019

The Division 2 developers are planning to have an Open Beta. We told you about some rumors that have been spoilered by the Content Manager. Now these rumors have become official.

The Open Beta will run from 1st of March 2019 to the 4th of March 2019. After that there will be a gap from 11 days until The Division 2 will be released at the 15th of March!

The Open Beta of The Division 2 can be tested by everyone who is interested

What can you expect in the Open Beta:

  • 2 Main Missions
  • 5 additional missions
  • Open World Events
  • A Dark Zone
  • The Endgame Mission “Invaded”

Everybody who takes part at the Open Beta will receive an DC Patroit Weapon Skin and who is able to complete the Endgame Mission will receive a Capitol Hill Patch!

Will you play the Open Beta? What do you expect from it? Use the comments below!

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