The Division 2: Patch Notes 1.06 – Update Version 2.1 released

The Division 2: Patch Notes 1.06 – Update Version 2.1 released

Ubisoft has released Update 2.1 for The Division 2 as part of today’s maintenance, we have the full Patch Notes 1.06 (PS4) and full downloads.

The Division 2 Patch 1.06 needs to be downloaded and installed before you can play again, the update is around 1.25 GB.


The Division 2 Patch Notes 1.06 – April 11, Update 2.1

Ubisoft had already announced Update 2.1 yesterday, and preliminary patch notes have been released. It seems that nothing has changed. If updated patch notes are released, this post will be updated.

  • Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs could get stuck in a T-pose when being killed out of view.
  • Fixed another issue with the Revive Hive not working properly. We are still working on instances where the skill sometimes will not resurrect players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gila Guard brand gear could not be donated to the Campus Daily Project “Brand Request: Gila Guard”.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crafting Bench upgrade blueprint would not be granted to players when moving from one World Tier to another.
  • Fixed an issue where the two piece bonus of the True Patriot gear set would not trigger correctly.

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