The Division 2: That is how Massive Entertainment wants to prevent overpowered Skills in PVE and PVP

The Division 2: That is how Massive Entertainment wants to prevent overpowered Skills in PVE and PVP

At The Division 2 you’ll find new information about the skills and the skills of the agents. Massive wants to make sure that they are not OP in PvP.

The Division and the Balance: The Division 1 has long had enormous problems with overpowering weapons, gear sets and skills.

For example, the search term in early 2017 was considered overpowered in PvP, since it caused serious damage with the air detonation mod. Zig agents complained that they were constantly being killed by other players without even having seen them.

The Seeker Mine finds enemy targets on their own and rolls in their vicinity, only to explode. You only had to activate this skill and the kills came on their own. Massive had to intervene.

Balanced Skills in The Divsision 2

100% PVP Team: In an interview with gadgets, Associate Creative Director Chadi El-Zibaoui talks about the skills and their balance. He emphasizes that there is a team of developers who are 100% focused on PvP and in constant communication with the Massive team to ensure that there are no “unbalanced skills” in PvP.

In terms of balance, El-Zibaoui says they will be tweaking the skills until the release day of The Division 2. And if the game is out there in the hands of the players, you get more data and will adapt those skills that feel too powerful.

Separate balancing of PvP and PvE: The developers are pleased to announce that in The Division 2 for PvE and PvP modes have a separate balancing.

In The Division 1, there were repeated complaints that Nerfs in PvP had a negative impact on the playing experience in PvE.

“In The Division 2 we want to keep the PvP competitive and healthy without negatively affecting the players who enjoy the PvE,” said Massive.

Now developers can quickly respond to balance issues in the agent-to-agent battle without having to touch the PvE space.

Also no overpowered skills in PvE

Top skills are more demanding: According to El-Zibaoui, thanks to their mods, the skills give you the freedom to customize your style of play. The development approach was: “The more powerful the skill, the more challenging it is for the player”.

That means, for example, if you set up a special cannon with a large damage output, it does not shoot automatically at the opponents, but you have to fire the shots yourself.

All skills in The Division 2: There will be 8 skills in total, all of which can be changed with different mods. There are:

  • Pulse – pulse generator
  • Turret – gun
  • Hive – drone stick
  • Chem.-Launcher – Chem.-launcher
  • Firefly – Firefly
  • Seeker Mine Seeker Mine
  • Drone – drone
  • Shield shield

The Division will be released at 15th of March and published by Ubisoft!

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