Steelrising: Alchemist Class Guide

Steelrising Alchemist Class

Steelrising Alchemist class is one of game’s most interesting starting classes. It blends magic with melee, ranged, and consumable bombs. We’ve created a Steelrising Alchemist tutorial with tips and methods for using elemental effects against foes below.

We’ll start with Steelrising Alchemist class guide details starting class bonuses. We’ll also discuss the class’s overall playstyle, including tips for weapons, grenade usage, armor upgrades, and more.

Starting Features Name Description
Weapon Glass-core Batons Dual wield two batons, each dealing 45 damage, with its secondary move infusing the first element with its attacks for a few seconds.
Grenade Alchemical Resistance Vial Consume to clear any frost, fire, or electric status effects on the character.
Perk 1 Elemental Alchemy +3 Increases alchemical damage and resistance.
Perk 2 Engineering +2 Engineering increases armor, the effectiveness of Afflictions and the chance of finding loot.

Steelrising Alchemist attributes, stats, and modifiers

Attributes Aegis Attack Defence
Power: 0 Anima Essence:0 Physical Damage: 45 (+27 frost) Balance: 0%
Durability: 0 lvl. Up: 1000 Flame Damage: 0 Armor: 70
Agility: 0 Health: 250 Frost Damage: 0 (19 when special is activated) Flame resistance: 18%
Vigor: 0 Endurance: 100 Fulmination Damage: 0 Frost Resistance: 12%
Elemental Alchemy: 3 Alchemical Capsules: 5 Special Move damage: 0 Fulmination Resistance: 18%
Engineering: 2 Loot Multiplier: x1.14 Impact: 40
Immobilization: 25
Critical Hit Multiplier: x1
Affliction Multiplier: x1.14

Steelrising Alchemist’s weapon recommendations

Hephaestus Batons
Franklin Claws
Glass Core Baton

Alchemists should use Hephaestus Batons regardless of build. This is the greatest Alchemy-scaling melee weapon. This means you may debuff fire quickly and deliver a high damage over time effect to bosses, elite adversaries, and Titans.

Frost players with an immobilization build can employ Franklin Claws. The fourth light attack in a Claw combo hits three times, so players can simply use Fulmination and build the immobilization bar quickly. Fulmination boosts status damage, which pairs well with fire’s DoT.

Frost/power builds work, especially with Hephaestus Batons’ power modifier. Glass Core Batons are good frost-power weapons. Using power and first helps hit adversaries rapidly and freeze them. Fully stacked frost foes will freeze for several seconds, allowing you to hit with your fire weapon and land heavy hits.

The Alchemy’s ammo is Alchemical Capsules. You’ll spend these on secondary moves to trigger your elements, ranged weapons, and Aegis movement skills. You’ll certainly need anima for Boutique capsules.

Alchemist weapon selections depend on the elemental effect you intend to utilize and how those weapons scale. It means Alchemist players will utilize various weapons.

Both Power and Immobilization builds are good options, especially when facing foes with high elemental resistance. Extra immobility and strength help when your weapon’s element takes longer to activate.

These are build suggestions. You can add more elemental weapons to your Alchemist setup and playstyle.

Alchemist’s stat priorities are:

1. Engineering
2. Power or Agility
3. Endurance

Alchemist’s stat priority is Engineering, which scales your ailment modifier and boosts your armor. This makes your alchemical elements stronger and easier to use against foes with high resistance. You’ll also be a tank against physical strikes, which is a plus.

Then choose Power or Agility according on your playstyle and weapon scaling. Agility promotes physical harm and immobility.

Endurance follows. Most Alchemical-themed weapons are dual wields and drain stamina for longer combo chains and dodges. The crit modifier works well with agility.

After that, you take Durability and Elemental Alchemy to strengthen your defensiveness as the game develops.


Alchemists use their chosen elements in their weapons, they usually stockpile their third element. Then employ Petrification and frag grenades.


Affliction Module – Increases the duration of Alchemical Afflictions.
Catalyst Modules – Increases the damage of your an appropriate elemental type you deal to enemies. (Frost, Fire and Full versions available)

The Alchemist’s Modules are key to his playstyle. Your weapons should aim on the core. Two Catalyst Modules boost your weapons’ DPS. Affliction Modules extend your elemental effects, which is helpful. More burning means bigger enemies take more damage, longer frost means more free strikes on frozen enemies, and longer volt means more boosted damage.

Then you have options. Better Endurance adds an extra hit or dodge, while the Infusion Module benefits long-term weapon users. Base infusion length is 40 seconds, therefore it’s not necessary unless you prefer a weapon. Choose a module that improves your survivability, such as elemental resistance, armor, health, or power or immobility. You decide what you need.

Do you prefer ranged or melee gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Rai O.

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