Fortnite Update 2.98 – Patch Notes 15.10.1 on Dec. 21

Fortnite Update 2.98 – Patch Notes 15.10.1 on Dec. 21

Epic Games has released hotfix update 15.10.1 for Fortnite. We have all details and patch notes about the update today, December 21.

Fortnite Update 2.98 is now available for download. On the PS4, the file size is 487 MB, the size may vary depending on the platform.

The PS5 version of Fortnite received the update 1.000.009, the file size is unknown to us.


Fortnite Update 2.98 / 15.10.1

There have been a few issues with Fortnite in the past few days. Among other things, there were enormous performance problems, leaderboard errors and errors in some achievements. The patch notes will follow in a few minutes!

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PS4 Note:

  • 15.10.1 – Stability Fixes to improve Fortnite.



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