Fall Guys: Minigames Guide – How to Win Race Rounds

In the battle royale game Fall Guys you can play more as 20 different types of Minigames. The advantage in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, however, is that everyone becomes a winner at some point. Most games are only won by luck, so with a little persistence you can manage to win the crown for yourself.

This Guide will show you all different tips and tricks for the Race Rounds (Minigames).

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Race Rounds

Dizzying Heights
At the beginning of this mini-game you will find some round platforms that act like a kind of treadmill. Make sure that you never run in the opposite direction, but always in the direction of the arrows. Once you have reached the balls, keep to the edge so that you are not hit head-on and thus thrown backwards.


See Saw
The keyword “balance” should be taken seriously in this mini-game. The rockers adapt to the weight. If there are too many players on one side of the see saw, it will tilt in the corresponding direction. To avoid this, move in the opposite direction and balance the weight.
If a see saw is already in the vertical, wait a moment before you jump off. If you jump on a vertical seesaw, you immediately fall down and lose valuable time.


Door Dash
Doors-ashis a pure game of chance, because only a few doors can be broken. If you choose the wrong door, a loud signal will sound. But with the right instinct you can get into the next round. If there is only one row between the goal and you, just jump over and take no chances.


Hit Parade
In obstacle races there are two ways to get there. Especially at the beginning, everyone rushes onto the bars in order to get to the next level. If that’s too complicated for you, jump straight down and start your race from here. That only costs you a little more time. So that you can survive the wrecking balls, use the shadow on the ground as a guide. On this you can see the position of the ball, so that you can reach your destination more easily.


The Whirlygig
The Whirlygig also proves that the names of the games give a good insight into the playing field. Everything that is possible turns and moves here. Four circular platforms await you in the first part of the field. Try to walk straight through it to take the shortest route.
In the last section you have the choice between three different ways. The path on the far left and the one on the right are identical. Only the middle is different. Only use the center if you want to take a risk, as there is a high chance of being caught by the propeller and thrown out.
You have a little more chances if you, when you reach the top, throw yourself forward with CTRL / Square (PC / PS4). If that worked, nobody can catch up with you anytime soon.


Tip Toe
It takes a lot of courage to make it over the yellow fields. You can only reach your goal here by trying it out. The only tip to be followed is to watch the other players and, if possible, skip lines.


Fruit Chute
The game of evasive maneuvers is a pure game of chance. Keep an eye on the falling, oversized fruits and work your way forward step by step. If you run too close to the edge, a hit from a fruit usually automatically means that you will fall off the field.


Gate Crash
To survive in this mini-game, only go to the gates that are currently up. When you reach the gate, it sinks down and you jump over. It is important to ensure that the gates open according to a certain system. The outer gates go down much less often than the middle gates.


Slime Climb
As the name suggests, it is your job in Slime Climb to escape the slime. It increases within a few seconds and blocks your way. Right at the beginning you will see a yellow trampoline that will take you to the next platform.
Use the trampoline when you start in the first row. Those who start in the back rows get into the fray and are very likely to be ousted by the other players – that wastes time unnecessarily. If you start at the back, use the normal route and avoid the crowds.


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